Home Painting Lessons


This is Anna’s Aurora Borealis painting that she did last week by following an art tutorial from the youtube channel called, “The Art Sherpa.”

We live in a great time to homeschool or “afterschool.”  There are tons of resources that are available so that you really can give a first-class education at home (even if your own was less than superb).  I had worried about teaching art at home since I stopped taking art classes fairly early in my own education because of my interest in music.  (Isn’t it sad that schools funnel you into one art form or another?  I love that my kids don’t have to make the choice between 1st period orchestra class or 1st period pottery like I did.)

We were first exposed to the idea of art lessons at home through DVD curricula like Atelier Art and Home Art Studio, and I loved the idea that I didn’t need to pay really expensive lesson fees for art classes.  I bought the DVDs and my kids enjoyed art lessons at home.  But Atelier has several projects in level 2 that I didn’t love, and it is way too expensive to keep paying for new levels when I don’t even know if I will use all of them.

Then we saw “Art Through the Year with Sharon Jeffus” through Rainbow Resources.  We loved doing her art lessons, but they come out really slowly, and my kids really love art.  Anna had also moved out of the need for “kid art,” and I wanted to find lessons at a higher level for her.  I decided that I would search youtube for more tutorials, and I was floored with how many are there!  And they are all FREE!

There are tutorials for painting in several different mediums.  I had to pick a focus and we decided to do acrylic painting for a year or two.  We have really enjoyed the youtube lessons from the Art Sherpa and Angela Anderson.  Both pages lists tutorials in levels (easy, intermediate, advanced, and kids).  The Aurora Borealis painting above looks absolutely gorgeous, and it is for beginners to do.  It didn’t take a lot of time, and Anna is thrilled with her results.  I am going to have Anna follow along with projects that we love.  When we finish her time in acrylic painting, I will assign her a capstone acrylic painting project so that she comes up with her own composition.  I am really excited for this year of art.  I will have her acrylic online gallery up so that you can see what we choose to do throughout the year.

Please comment below with your favorite art resources and check out my art resources link to see what we use to piece our home art program together.

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