What I am currently using:

Singapore Math: a program that gives great results, but can be difficult to use.

Beast Academy: a fun comic book guide with challenging problems and a rigorous scope and sequence that I use with my super mathy child.  My other child enjoys reading it, but doesn’t do all the problems, although she does attempt some that look interesting to her.

Mad Dog Math: an expensive drill system that you could make yourself, but I bought it for convenience.  I love the explicit directions on how to help your child achieve automaticity in math facts.  The website is worth looking into because it shows you everything you would need to make your own as well as how to use it.

Bubble Pop and other Apps: there are tons of math apps on Android and iOS that we use

What I plan to use:

Discovery Mathematics: the next level up in Singapore Math after grade 6.  It is out of print now, so I am not sure if we will stick with this, but I did buy a bunch of the books before they went out of print in the US.  I also found sources from the UK, so that I can buy them from there if it works out.

Saxon Math: this program looks so much easier to implement in the higher grades because it follows the traditional American course outline whereas Singapore mixes all the maths together.  I don’t know if we will do this or not.

Art of Problem Solving: I think I will be using a lot of their books for my super mathy child as he will need a lot of extra challenge to be happy.  They also have online classes if I need them.

Online Courses: I want to have a list of classes I could potentially buy if I am feeling like outsourcing math instruction.

What I have tried but am not using:

Math Mammoth: This looks like a good program, and Finland has great math scores and this program is based on Finland math instruction, but I couldn’t get passed the way it looked.  The spaces were too small for my littles to use effectively as well.  It is a super inexpensive program (especially through the Homeschool Buyers Co-op), and I have recommended it to several friends who refused to do Singapore but wanted really good results, and they really like it, so I think it is worth looking into.

Teaching Textbooks:  I investigated this when my daughter was becoming difficult to teach because of her attitude towards all things math.  She tested into 6th grade when she was in the 3rd grade Singapore book.  I felt like that was enough to make me think that I should not use it.  Math Mammoth would be her second choice.  She decided to stick with Singapore when she saw how high she tested into Teaching Textbooks.

Miquon Math: I tried this but didn’t like it.  It was too foreign to me, and after doing it for awhile (at least 3 months), my kids just weren’t really clicking with it.  This is the only curriculum I have ever sold as I knew I would never use it again.  Ever.

ShillerMath: I bought all the stuff for the first level and my oldest used it for kindergarten math.  She really liked it.  I still use the kit materials.  I don’t do it mostly because I feel risk averse and want curricula with stellar results.  I always look for the high-performing countries and what they use for math.  Also I don’t like math lessons with lots of songs and playtime.  I don’t want my kids needing a song/game to learn topics, but other people really like that kind of approach and would probably enjoy this pick up and go program.  I can’t vouch for long-term results as I only did it in kindergarten.