What I currently use:

History Odyssey: A leveled program that goes from K-12th grade.  It has library lists, writing, timelines, and projects built right into a program that children can pick up and do by themselves with minimal parental help.

Kindergarten History (K12.com): I really like this course.  It goes through a global tour and teaches children about maps, globes, continents, and countries.  Then you do a quick survey of US History.  I pay on a monthly basis and try to go through it quickly.

https://www.icivics.org: A free civics curriculum that we use with our co-op.  All the youth in our co-op have really enjoyed the lessons from this program.

What I have tried but do not use:

Galloping the Globe: I tried to use this in place of the Kindergarten History course from K12.  It just didn’t work for me.  There were too many books and too many possibilities, and I really just wanted something quick and easy that I didn’t need to plan, but still got the job done.

First Grade History K12.com: This is not as good as History Odyssey from Pandia Press and you have to keep paying for it.  It is a fun course if you are going through a public virtual charter school.