Foreign Language


What I currently use or plan to use:

Witty Wordsmith  This is a prerequisite for Latin at The Lukeion Project.  We are currently enrolled and really enjoying all the word roots we are learning.

Barbarian Diagrammarian  This is the second prereq for Latin at The Lukeion Project.  It only runs in the winter semester, and we plan on taking it this coming January.

Lukeion Latin  This latin program uses Wheelocks textbook for Latin, which is a college-level textbook.  After four years (8 semesters), your student will be prepared to take the AP Latin exam.  Even though this is a costly option, as it is outsourcing to online classes, I believe it will be worth the investment when it is time to take the ACT, PSAT and SAT exams as well as apply for college admission.

What I tried that I no longer use:

Latin for Children A: This is a lot of memory work and retaining it means that you won’t have time for any other memory work.  I think it is better to just learn Latin with a more traditional program later.

Minimus Latin: This is a fun program to use as a supplement to a latin program.  I will probably have my kids revisit this later on when they are studying Latin just to enjoy reading a cute Latin story.

Prima Latina:  You don’t need this program as everything in it will be covered again, and your child might burn out on Latin early.  Neither of my oldest children enjoyed doing this program in 2nd grade, and I am not going to bother with subsequent children.

First Form Latin:  This program is a good option for parents who want to teach Latin at home with a good, easy-to-implement curriculum that provides solid results.  It is worth one quarter of high school Latin 1.  It takes all four forms to get through the first year of high school Latin, so this program is for grades 4-7.  I decided to just switch to Lukeion to speed up the rate that we learn Latin.


What I plan on using:

Lukeion Greek: Since we are going to speed up our Latin study, that will open up room to study ancient Greek as well.  This will be something we may pick up starting 2-4 years after starting Latin.


What I currently use:

screen-shot-2016-09-17-at-11-03-50-pmSo You Really Want to Learn French (Galore Park):  I love this book.  I took French for 4 years in high school as well as 2 semesters in College, and this is the best book I have ever seen for beginning French.  It has an audio CD that reads all of the passages in the book, and that is very well done.  Anna has learned a lot of French.  We plan to use all three books in the series.  I think it would be a little difficult for someone who has never learned French to use this book, but not impossible especially if you have the CD to teach you the pronunciation.


J’apprends à lire is a french magazine that comes with an audio CD that reads the story to your child.  This is great because you can hear several voices reading the audio, and can hear it read by native speakers as you read along with the words.  We subscribed and save every copy.  I let my daughter follow along and have her look up words that she can’t figure out by herself.  She really enjoys reading these stories.


What I plan on using:

Middlebury Language Classes: These classes are available through the Homeschool Buyers Co-op at a discount and they offer high school French I-AP.

BYU French Camp: I looked into the college we would like to attend and found that they have a summer immersion camp that will give credit for high school French classes.  Look into universities that interest your family to see what is available, or check out this one from BYU.


What I currently use:

Teach Them Spanish: This is a cheap ($11/grade) resource that has worksheets as well as book/song recommendations for grades PreK-5.  I find this just as effective as the Middlebury Elementary class, and Andrew is really enjoying it.  He is gaining a nodding acquaintance with Spanish vocabulary, and he gets to practice writing it as well.  I will do a more in-depth post on this curriculum.

screen-shot-2016-09-17-at-11-23-21-pm RockAlingua is a great website that has some free and some subscription based games, worksheets, videos, and songs to help children learn Spanish.  I feel like it pairs really nicely with “Teach Them Spanish” and Andrew really enjoys using this site.

What I plan to use:

So You Really Want to Learn Spanish: The French program is so good, I plan on getting the first book of Spanish to see if we like it as well.

Middlebury Language Classes:  They offer Spanish I-AP at a discount on Homeschool Buyers Co-op.