Accountable Kids Part 3

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screen-shot-2016-09-20-at-3-40-27-pmThe Accountable Kids program says that it is especially suited for children ages 3-14, and so that is the guideline that I am trying to stick to, but my 10-year-old seems like she is ready to move on to the written contract stage that the company recommends at age 14.

We use homeschool planet to schedule and track our school assignments, and so I have entered the chores and other assignments for Anna into her weekly plan.  It has all the checkboxes on it, and we use the same format and awards that the accountable kids structure recommends, but she doesn’t use her board as much anymore.  She still uses it to track her bonus bucks, privilege pass, special date and best behavior cards, but I don’t have her flip chore cards anymore.  This has really won her cooperation as she feels less inconvenienced, and I am happy because she is happy.

We may move entirely away from the board for her soon as she continues to prove that she is responsible.  We have to have a different system (like a notebook) to tally all of her other cards/rewards though, so for now the board is still the most convenient way to go.

Technically, we could move entirely away from the boards for everyone and just use homeschool planet for everything, but my younger children really appreciate the visual, and I haven’t seen the same enthusiasm for the checklists from the homeschool planet.  (Probably because my 3-year-old can’t read the checklist, but can use the cards in the AK program.)  I have really liked that it is easy to move the AK program into a written form through Homeschool Planet (or you could make your own), and I find that the Accountable Kids structure is just a great way to organize my parenting.

Every now and then we fall off the wagon.  (Usually when I would rather have them play on their tablets or watch TV then be in my personal space.)  When this happens, we just pick ourselves up and try again the next day.  It is a system that you can fall back into just as easily.  This program is the reason why I have been successful at teaching my children anything at home.  It has forged the way to small, consistent, (almost daily) efforts that are required to do great things.

**Update:  Anna told me she still prefers to flip cards as it gives her a break between her chores.  We tried the written contract for a few weeks, and she has just modified her cards to reflect when she wants to take a break, so all 4 of my kids are still using their boards again.

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